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eLCA Consortium

Political, economic and social reforms that occurred in recent decade on the post-Soviet area, necessitated ensuring information support for sciences and education in modern Armenia.

Libraries are unable to replenish their stock with new publications solely through state subsidies. The only means to receive up-to-date information is through support provided by some foundations and private sponsors. At the same time to co-ordinate disarrayed efforts in this realm, there is a need to unite in consortium libraries, research institutes and higher education establishments for the purpose of ensuring access to all kinds of electronic information resources which would be of interest for participating organizations.


Goals and objectives

ELCA is created to pull together efforts for ensuring access for libraries,universities, research and other non-commercial organizations of Armenia to electronic versions of scientific periodicals (an not only) for the purpose of their efficient use.

The main objective of ELCA is to ensure and extend access of organizations in Armenia to constantly expanding international market of electronic scientific publications on precise, natural sciences and humanities as well as regularization and optimization of subscription terms for these resources.

The Consortium was set up with financial support from the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) and is a non-commercial alliance of legal entities which aims at bringing together all non-commercial organizations in Armenia concerned with efficient and mutually-beneficial use of electronic information sources accessible through telecom networks.

Apart from the aforementioned, the Consortium (ELCA) works in the following areas:

  • Support in creation, maintenance and development of internal electronic resources (virtual libraries) of participating organizations,including private and state ones
  • Regular marketing, social, scientific and other research geared at attaining the goals of the Consortium, including all technological, administrative, innovative and other aspects
  • Information support for the science in Armenia, support for advanced scientific research and engineering developments and introduction of new technologies
  • Assistance in improving higher education in Armenia through introduction of innovative education methods, organization of seminars, symposiums, scientific conferences and development of effective models on re-training of teaching staff
  • Assistance in introducing advanced computer information technologies
  • Participation in national and international projects
  • Co-operation with national and international organizations, providing information services
  • Sharing expertise in introducing information services, in providing information to users and operating virtual libraries
  • Development of other co-operative services reflecting the needs of the organizations participating in the Consortium.