Azerbaijan Library and Information Consortium For Availability of Electronic Information (AzLIC) Member List

Last updated 4 September 2013

  1. Baku State University
  2. Azerbaijan State University of Languages
  3. Institute of Information Technologies
  4. Azerbaijan State Economy University  
  5. Khazar University (Xazar University)
  6. Qafqaz University
  7. Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy
  8. “Oilgazscientificresearchproject” Institute (SOCAR)
  9. Caucasus Research Resource Center
  10. Sumqayit State University
  11. Azerbaijan Technical University
  12. Azerbaijan Doctors Training Institute after A.Aliyev
  13. Academy of Public Administration under the President of Azerbaijan
  14. Azerbaijan National Sicence of Academy- Institute of Physics 
  15. Azerbaijan Medical University
  16. Azerbaijan Tourism Institute
  17. Zaqatala Central Library