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Impact Assessment Results

Library helps young job-seekers find work

PLIP grantee: East Kazakhstan Oblast Pushkin Library, Kazakhstan

Impact study results, January 2013:
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In just one year, East Kazakhstan Oblast Pushkin library’s information and communication technology (ICT) training and job-seekers’ information service helped 55 young people find work, develop small businesses or improve their jobs. Training takes place in a yurt – a traditional round tent used by Kazakh nomads.

The service was one of 14 innovative public library services funded by EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) in November 2011. Here we present results of impact assessment conducted by the library a year later, in November 2012.

Read more in the document titled Impact Study Results, above.

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Background to the Youth IT-Yurt 

Community need

Kazakhstan mapEast Kazakhstan Oblast Pushkin Library serves the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk (population: 300,000). The library estimates that about 13% of unemployed people in the city are youth, but fears that the number is higher because many youth do not register with the employment bureau. Ust-Kamenogorsk draws many visitors from rural areas, who do not have free access to computers or ICT training, and are therefore especially disadvantaged when competing for jobs. The new service will also reach out to Oralman communities – Kazakh repatriates who have returned to Kazakhstan from other countries since Kazakhstan became independent in 1991 and who have difficulty integrating because they speak different languages.

The new service

The new service will create a special space where young people can learn new ICT skills in the traditional environment of the yurt. The advantage of the yurt is that it is mobile and can be dismantled, taken to different places, and re-assembled in less than an hour. Training will include history, understanding of Kazakh traditions, culture and language, computer and Internet literacy, media and writing skills (such as writing press releases and advertisements) and job-seeking skills. Young people will also learn to use online social networking tools to create links with youth in other parts of the world.

Working together

The library’s main partners are the Labour and Employment Centre of Ust-Kamenogorsk, who will provide information about unemployed youth and job opportunities. The non-governmental organizations, AMiDO, ‘For the Future of Kazakhstan’ and ‘ZhasOtan’ will reach out to youth activists and provide training and counselling services. The Migration Department will reach out to Oralman communities (the Kazakh repatriates) The East Kazakhstan Librarians’ Association will create a web page for the new service and ensure that other librarians and libraries across Kazakhstan learn about the Youth IT-Yurt.

Replicating success

Pushkin library is replicating two successful services: Public Library Zavidovići’s Youth Corner and Multi-Media Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Public Library Braka Miladinovci’s Creative Minds Create Job Opportunities in Radovis, Macedonia. Read more about these two services: Public Library Zavidovići’s Youth Corner and Public Library Braka Miladinovci’s employment service.

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