Education, libraries and copyright

Information Meeting on Educational Content and Copyright in the Digital Age World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva, 21 November 2005

Copyright law is increasingly acting as a barrier to libraries and education. At the World Library Congress Oslo in August 2005, over three hundred librarians from developed and developing countries discussed every day problems they encounter with copyright law when trying to provide services to users.

EIFL calls for a basic, minimum set of exceptions and limitations permitted by international treaties such as the Berne Convention and/or incorporated into the national laws of member states of the WTO and which every country could adopt today. eIFL challenges WIPO Member States, especially developing countries, to ensure that learning content is made available to the widest possible base for the sake of the student teachers, nurses and engineers on whom the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals depends.

 EIFL/IFLA presentation (PDF)  and the meeting webpage.

WIPO SCCR/24 EIFL joins civil society statement on exceptions and limitations for education

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