Masiphumelele Public Library, South Africa

Impact Assessment Results

Library improves young people’s job prospects

PLIP grantee: Masiphumelele Public Library, South Africa

Impact study results, January 2013:
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Masiphumelele Public Library’s information and communication technology (ICT) training and career support project helped over 20 vulnerable young people find jobs and encouraged 31 to continue with their education. The library provides free access to ICT and training in an an impoverished community near Cape Town.

The project was one of 14 innovative public library services funded by EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) in November 2011. Here we present results of impact assessment conducted by the library a year later, in November 2012.

Read more in the document titled Impact Study Results, above.

Previous project updates:

Free computer training and access for youth

Background to the Internet Access and Youth-centred ICT training service

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Meeting a community need
Masiphumelele is an impoverished community, where many people live in overcrowded conditions and informal housing. Unemployment is high and amenities are scarce. Computer literacy levels are low and computer and Internet facilities are only available in the local library, where students sometimes sit three-deep to a computer. Young unemployed people cannot afford training and do not have access to information about jobs and opportunities for education and training.

The new service
Masiphumelele Public Library and its partner organization, Edunova, are establishing an Internet training centre where young people will be able to learn new skills and access information about opportunities. The centre is to be equipped with high-quality computers, and high-speed Internet connection. Edunova will train the centre’s computer skills trainer who will train groups of young people, and the most successful graduates will train others in the community. Librarians will work with the trainees and support them in seeking jobs and other opportunities.

Working together
Edunova and Masiphumelele Public Library are equal partners in the new service.  IkamvaYouth, an NGO working with young people aged 16-20 also partners with the library and the new service will be piloted with young people from IkamvaYouth. The Masiphumelele Library is a local government institution.

Replication of a successful service
Masiphumelele Public Library is replicating Ghana Library Board’s Internet Access and Training Programme, which provides Internet and leadership training to vulnerable youth in Tamale, Northern Ghana. Read more about Ghana Library Board’s innovative service.

To learn more about the service, contact:

Sue Alexander
Masiphumelele Library
1572 Motopeng st
Masiphumelele 7975, South Africa

Tel: +278 34762709