Help children in Ghana pass exams!
Support EIFL’s campaign to help mobile libraries give children in Ghana vital hands-on computer practice so that they can pass crucial exams

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A big thank you to everyone who donated to our 'Hands-on computer classes for 1,800 Ghana children' project on #GivingTuesday! 

There's still time to give! We're extending our fundraising campaign to the end of the year. We need to raise just USD5,096 to reach our target for supporting mobile libraries in four regions of Ghana to reach more children, and help them pass their exams.

In 2015/16, our project helped increase the exam pass rate in over 20 under-resourced schools in poor and rural areas by a remarkable 20%. With your support, we can do better!


Can you imagine learning about computers and the internet without ever touching a keyboard?

This is the situation that children attending schools in poor and rural areas of Ghana face. Their schools do not have computers, internet connections or reliable electricity.

Without practical experience of digital technology, children fail their information and communications technology (ICT) exams, and cannot progress to secondary school. The cost of failure is high: children from poor families must leave school early because their parents cannot afford transport, fees, uniforms or books. As a result, the children face uncertain futures and the cycle of poverty continues.


With support from EIFL, mobile libraries in four regions of Ghana - Ashanti, Western, Upper East and Volta - have found a solution.

Every week, mobile libraries travel to 20 under-resourced schools in vans packed with solar-charged laptops, modem internet, screens, and projectors. With teachers, the librarians conduct practical computer classes. The computers have been loaded with content related to school subjects like geography, mathematics, science and English, practice exam questions and other useful and fun learning tools to help the children study.

Each van currently has 15 laptops - and so the children must still crowd around computers during lessons, and not all can get the hands-on experience they so desperately need.


With your donations, we will be able to buy more laptops for the mobile libraries. More children will be able to get hands-on computer experience and use the pre-loaded curriculum content to revise for their exams.

Donate now to help more children pass their exams.

Thank you for your support!