OpenBiblio webinar: Software to digitise small and rural libraries

3 Dec 2012


OpenBiblio logoEIFL-FOSS held a webinar looking at OpenBiblio, an open source integrated library management system of particular interest to small libraries with limited technical expertise and resources of less than 50,000 volumes.

OpenBiblio is based upon MARC21 record format but any compatible format records may be imported (the session also mentioned MarcEdit, free software for helping to get records into a format suitable for importing - see our main OpenBiblio page for further details). OpenBiblio contains modules for OPAC, circulation, cataloguing, administration and reporting from the database. It has been translated (localised) into Spanish and Armenian and is distributed under the GNU General Public License, meaning it can be freely used and shared by anyone. It is used widely, for example by regional and municipal libraries in Armenia and by primary schools in Chile.

You can see more details of OpenBiblio, including step-by-step installation instructions, on our main OpenBiblio page


In December 2012, EIFL-FOSS held a webinar on OpenBiblio. Our first speaker was Tigran Zargaryan, Director of the National Library of Armenia and also EIFL FOSS Coordinator for Armenia. He led a project for EIFL FOSS in 2011 to roll out OpenBiblio to small and rural libraries in Armenia (you can download his report below).

Our second speaker, Irakli Garibashvili, the EIFL FOSS Coordinator for Georgia, will report on his work using OpenBiblio with both public and academic small libraries in Georgia, as well as how he used OpenBiblio to introduce the very concept of Integrated Library Systems (ILS) software to libraries who had never used one before, because OpenBiblio is so easy to use and understand.


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