No. 46 - July-August 2010

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1. EIFL related news

Welcome Simon Ball as new EIFL-FOSS Programme Manager

We would like to welcome our new EIFL-FOSS Programme Manager: Simon Ball. Simon begins his work in July 2010 and will be running sessions during the General Assembly to put the finishing touches to the planning for the new FOSS programme. Simon has asked that if you have any suggestions or opinions about the future of the FOSS programme and you will not be able to attend the sessions at the General Assembly that you email him directly at simon.ball[@] before July 19th, with your contributions. Simon was previously a full-time Senior Advisor with JISC TechDis in the UK ( and will be covering both roles part-time for the next 18 months.

New Logo

EIFL has a new logo and strapline/tagline. It is now on our website ( and at the top of this newsletter. We are also working on a website redesign, the full launch is scheduled for early fall 2010.

Where's the .net? You will notice that instead of, we are now EIFL. We felt that after 10 years it was time to take another look at our identity, which includes among other things our name, the look and feel of our website, our printed materials, and most importantly our message. Starting with the name and logo, we made the decision to drop the .net which we felt was dated to the early days of the web as was the lower case "e". In addition, we wanted to add a strong strapline/tagline (knowledge without boundaries) that conveys our mission by focusing on the end result; that is, knowledge; "without boundaries" encompasses the work of all our programs; that is, working towards removing all boundaries to knowledge, whether they be economic or legal or geographic.

Check it out:

2009 Annual report

The EIFL Annual Report is now available. In this report, you will read about our many successes from the past year that were achieved in collaboration with our 47 country partners.

We would like to thank our dedicated team, our many friends and our funders for supporting our work and enabling us to effect real change, both now and in the future.

Report available here:

Spotlight: librarians as stakeholders in policy making

This month’s spotlight focuses on the importance of copyright and the critical role that librarians can and do play in advocating for fair and balanced laws.

Read the spotlight here:

Exploration of new library consortia partnerships

Rima Kupryte and Monika Segbert have been exploring the expansion of EIFL partnerships in Namibia and India. Namibia Library and Archives Service invited EIFL to hold a workshop on May 17th to discuss national consortium and its benefit of facilitating affordable countrywide access to electronic journals and databases. In addition, Rima Kupryte and Monika Segbert joined discussions at the ETTLIS2010 (Emerging Trends in Technologies in Library and Information Services) conference in India. This was followed by a number of individual meetings with library directors and public officials to discuss possible cooperation between EIFL and Indian library networks.


After EIFL General Assembly in Lund, Sweden, EIFL team will be heading to Gothenburg, Sweden to participate in the IFLA World Library and Information Congress. Iryna Kuchma will participate in a working group meeting on Open Access to Knowledge at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress at the invitation of IFLA President Ellen Tise. The goal of the group is to advise and to discuss strategies for IFLA on Open Access and the role of libraries.

Teresa Hackett, EIFL-IP manager will be presenting a poster session on the distance learning course “Copyright for librarians” at a IFLA satellite meeting in Borås, Sweden. Later she will give a presentation at the IFLA CLM session “Copyright Limitations and Exceptions: What do libraries in your country REALLY need?”. Iryna Kuchma will give a presentation at a satellite meeting about Open Access and the Changing Role of Libraries.

Two of our open access coordinators Ezra Shiloba Gbaje, Department of Library and Information Science, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, ( and Aissa Mitha Issak, Universidade Pedagógica, Maputo, Mozambique, ( will give presentations at the Open Access in Africa section.

News from national library consortia

June 24-25, the fourth workshop of Electronic Library Consortium of Armenia (eLCA) member librarians was held. During this 2-day training session representatives from the regional libraries of Armenia were introduced to Google translator and Open Access journals. Currently, the percentage of English language speakers in the regions is very low which negatively impacts the usage of English language journals. Google Translator helps make English language articles more accessible.

May 17-18, Library Consortium (LELICO) Workshop on Use of a Common Library System as well as Local Experiences in Open Access and Greenstone was hosted by the National University of Lesotho Library.

EIFL has secured UNESCO funding for the Cambodia consortium, Cam-eIFL, to organize a series of cataloging workshops that cover all aspects of cataloguing, including general introduction, descriptive cataloguing, subject cataloguing, MARC 21 and copy cataloguing. The workshops will be conducted from July 5–16, 2010, in the afternoon of each working day.

July 2, the Faculty of Journalism of the State University of Moldova and the Consortium EIFL Direct Moldova (Program EIFL-OA) organized a National Scientific Symposium "Tendencies in information and scientific communication". The agenda of the symposium is here

Palestine Activities
May 12, PALICO held their West Bank and Gaza members meetingvia video conferencing at AlQuds Open University in Ramallah. PALICO members discussed their relationship with EIFL with regards to e-resources and the approval of the laws and bylaws of PALICO consortium.

May 21-29, a 30 hour course on "Archiving: Manual and Electronic" was run at Birzeit University. Participants were from BZU library and departments, plus representatives from five PALICO members. The course was organised by Birzeit University in cooperation with the National Archiving center in Palestine.

On July 14-15, Palestinian Consortium PALICO invites all West Bank members to attend a two-day workshop in Amman, Jordan. The workshop is to be run by Techknowledge Company and is entitled: "The digital Libraries in Palestine: its development and ways of Support"

On October 26-30, 2010, the 6th International Conference “Information and Library Resources in Science, Education, Culture and Business “Central Asia – 2010” will be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, You can register for the Conference online from 1 July 2010:

July 26-27, the Zimbabwe University Libraries Consortium is organizing a workshop entitled “Enhancing access to knowledge for the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Zimbabwe: the role of libraries” to be held on at The Jameson Hotel in Harare. This workshop is set to coincide with the Zimbabwe International Book Fair.

2. EIFL Events July- August 2010

§ July 19-23, the First Southern African Greenstone Support Network workshop in Nigeria will be held at the Sir Kashim Ibrahim Library, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

§ July 23-25 a meeting of Coordinators GSDL (Greenstone Digital Library) National Nodes in South Asia will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal

§ July 26-28, a meeting and training of the Southern African Greenstone Support Network (SAGSN) National Centres is organised and hosted by the Library of the University of Nairobi, Kenya

§ On August 6-8, EIFL General Assembly will take place in Lund, Sweden. More info available at:

§ On August 6-8, Breda Karun, EIFL-PLIP manager will attend IFLA satellite event in Malmo, Sweden, organized by IFLA Public Libraries section.

§ On August 8, Teresa Hackett, EIFL-IP Programme Manager will present a poster session "Copyright for Librarians - an Online Open Curriculum” on Copyright Law at Cooperation and Collaboration in Teaching and Research: Trends in Library and Information Studies Education, an IFLA satellite meeting in Borås, Sweden.

§ On August 9, Iryna Kuchma will give a presentation “Libraries in the evolving scholarly communication environment: case studies from EIFL network” at the IFLA preconference: Satellite Meeting about Open Access and the Changing Role of Libraries. The meeting is organized by the National Library of Sweden in cooperation with a number of Swedish university libraries (Gothenburg, Lund, Uppsala and Malmo). The IFLA Information and Technology Section is supporting the event. More information about the event:

§ On August 10, Iryna Kuchma will participate in a working group meeting on Open Access to Knowledge at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress at the invitation of IFLA President Ellen Tise. The goal of the group is to advise and to discuss strategies for IFLA on Open Access and the role of libraries.

§ On August 11, Teresa Hackett, EIFL-IP Programme Manager will give a presentation at the IFLA CLM session “Copyright Limitations and Exceptions: What do libraries in your country REALLY need?”

3. EIFL Negotiations

Update on renewals

Britannica Online
The renewal agreement for Britannica Online is now available. Further information is available at

Oxford University Press Databases
We are in the process of finalising agreements for the following Oxford University Press databases – Oxford Reference Online, Oxford English Dictionary Online, Grove Art Online, Grove Music Online, Oxford Scholarship Online and, new for 2010, Oxford Handbooks Online. We anticipate that the new agreements will be available by the end of July, and access for existing subscribers will be maintained in the meantime.

We hope to finalise 2011-13 renewal negotiations with Oxford University Press Journals, Institute of Physics Publishing, Emerald, Multi-Science, Project Muse and Wiley shortly.

Update on new agreements

The new agreement for ebrary’s Academic Complete and individual subject collections is now available. Further information is available at

Taylor & Francis Journals Collection
A new agreement for the Taylor & Francis Journals Collection has been signed and further information will be available on the website soon.

We are in the process of finalising a new agreement for OECD-iLibrary. Further information will be available soon.

Other Resources
We will be contacting Country Coordinators shortly to assess the level of interest in several other e-resources prior to moving forward with negotiations.

4. Update on EIFL-IP

Disappointing end to WIPO copyright committee meeting

The WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR/20) met in Geneva from 21-24 June 2010. Unfortunately, the meeting ended without agreement on future work on limitations and exceptions despite late night negotiations by Member States.

The three agenda items were protection of broadcasting organizations, protection of audiovisual performances, and limitations and exceptions (L&E), the main issue of importance for libraries. There was a large library delegation from EIFL, IFLA and the US Library Copyright Alliance. EIFL was represented by Kathy Matsika EIFL-IP coordinator from Zimbabwe, Kondwani Wella from Malawi and Teresa Hackett, EIFL-IP Programme Manager.

There were four proposals on L&E: a treaty proposal for blind, visually impaired and other reading disabled people by Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Paraguay (known as TVI); a new broader treaty proposal from the African Group that included people with disabilities, libraries, archives and education, and two new proposals from the US and the EU for joint recommendations (instead of a binding treaty) based on the idea of “trusted intermediaries”.

The meeting started well, and the number of proposals was seen as a sign of real interest by Member States in making progress, Kareem Dale, Special Assistant to President Obama for Disability Policy gave a passionate intervention on behalf of the US. Several delegations also expressed support for work on E&L for libraries, archives and education. Libraries supported discussion of the broader issues, while at the same time supporting the timetable for adoption of a treaty for blind persons, as proposed by Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Paraguay.

The meeting had been expected to open the way for negotiations on work for blind, visually impaired and other reading disabled persons. However, Member States failed to reach agreement on the wording of the meeting conclusions. The main area of contention was how to reconcile the four proposals and how to move forward with work on the different issues. The African Group wished to address all the issues concurrently with a view to achieving progress on all of them, while the sponsors of TVI had proposed a concrete timetable for work on that issue.

We will be following developments closely over the next months, so that the issues can be resolved to the satisfaction of all the beneficiaries.

Library statements from SCCR/20 Library statements on Agenda item 7, Exceptions and Limitations

WIPO Copyright Body Fails to Agree on Instrument For Visually Impaired

No Decision On WIPO Treaty For Blind Persons Misses ‘Golden Opportunity’

Meeting documents. Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights : Twentieth Session

Welcome to new EIFL-IP librarian from Laos

Welcome to the recently appointed EIFL-IP representative, Mrs Sypha Phongsavath from Laos. Mrs Phongsavath is Deputy Head of Services at the Central Library at the National University of Laos, and Assistant to the Board of the Laos Library and Information Consortium (LALIC). Mrs Phongsavath replaces Sithong Sikhao who has a new job working at the Ministry of Education.

Thank you to Sithong and congratulations on the new job, Sithong will remain in contact with us.

5. Update on EIFL-OA

BioMed Central named Chinese Academy of Sciences open access institute of the year

This award recognizes institutions, which have shown leadership in taking steps to expand access to the published results of scholarly research. This year, to reflect the global spread of open access initiatives, they recognized three institutions: Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), University of Zürich and Harvard University.

CAS has shown continued leadership on open access; this has been reflected in the rapid uptake of open access publishing by Chinese researchers at CAS institutes and elsewhere in China. CAS president Lu Yongxiang signed the Berlin Declaration on Open Access in May 2004.

In June 2005, the CAS National Science Library hosted an International Conference on Strategies and Policies for Open Access to Scientific Information (co-sponsored by EIFL, the Open Society Institute (OSI), the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Science and Technology Library).

More details:

Report on open repository development in developing and transition countries is released

This study was conducted with the cooperation of EIFL, the University of Kansas Libraries, the DRIVER project and Key Perspectives Ltd. The goal of the report was to create an inventory of current digital repository activities in developing and transition countries at both the infrastructure and services level. This report represents the first attempt to collect such data about digital repository activity in developing and transition countries and we hope it will serve as a useful resource for promoting open access and repository development in these regions.

This report was produced within the framework of the EIFL-OA advocacy program supported by Open Society Institute and the Wellcome Trust.

Summary available here: and
Download the report here:

Report on the implementation of open content licenses in developing and transition countries is released

The survey gathered information from a broad spectrum of institutions in developing and transition countries in order to get a better understanding of the current state of the implementation of open content licenses. Open content licenses or some explicit statement attached to the article when it is published in an open access journal or deposited in an open access repository refer to a specific type of libre open access.

These licences / statements make it clear to the users what they are permitted to do with published and deposited articles (including data).

In this survey, we looked at the web sites of 2,041 open access journals and 218 open access repositories from EIFL network countries.

This report highlights the best practices in using open content licences by open access journals and open access repositories in developing and transition countries.

The report was produced within the framework of the EIFL-OA advocacy program supported by Open Society Institute and the Wellcome Trust.

General findings of the survey:
Download the report here:

EIFL-OA Programme and partner workshops/presentations

In May and June EIFL-OA programme manager and partners presented at events in Denmark, Jamaica, Poland, and Ukraine. Our partners included, Brian Rosenblum, Scholarly Digital Initiatives Librarian, University of Kansas (KU); Bożena Bednarek-Michalska, Nicolaus Copernicus, and EIFL-OA country coordinator in Poland; Tetyana Yaroshenko, National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and EIFL-OA country coordinator in Ukraine, and Justice Kwame Appo, Librarian, University of Education, Winneba, and EIFL-OA coordinator in Ghana.

Details available here:

EIFL-OA country coordinators’ publications

Bożena Bednarek-Michalska, EIFL-OA country coordinator in Poland
Institution: Nicolaus Copernicus University Library in Torun
Publication: ‘The benefits of open science (Open access as a new marketing tool for universities)’ (in Polish language) in issue 205/2010 of Academic Forum about openness in science and education.

Tetiana Yaroshenko, EIFL-OA country coordinator in Ukraine
Institution: National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy
Publication: monograph entitled “E-journals in the system of library information resources”.
She examined innovations in scholarly communication, e-journals, open access journals and open access repositories, role of library consortia in Ukraine and in the world.

Antonin Benoît DIOUF, EIFL-FOSS country coordinator
Institution: Bibliothèque centrale de l'Université Gaston Berger
Publication: N° 51 – Quelques bibliothèques numériques sénégalaises. Provides an overview of digital libraries and institutional repositories contributing to increased visibility of research from Senegal and highlights a value of partnerships in the projects like SIST, as well as EIFL, IRD and COBESS

Andrew Rens interviewed Eve Gray, South African communications and open access expert for Memeburn: Q&A with Eve Gray: The Kindle, iPad, WWII and the future of publishing.

News from the partners: SciELO SA is growing!

The Scholarly Publishing Unit of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) reported that four more journal titles are in the process of being added to the SciELO SA Open Access platform (bringing ASSaf’s total journals titles to eleven):

§ Psychology in Society (PINS)
§ South African Journal of Industrial Psychology (SAJIP)
§ South African Journal of Animal Science (SAJAS)
§ South African Journal of Agricultural Extension (SAJAE)

Director of ASSAF Publishing Unit, Susan Veldsman, will be sharing news about SciELO SA during the EIFL General Assembly in Lund.

More information:

6. Update on EIFL-FOSS

Zimbabwe: Building digital collections

In 2007, the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Library was chosen to be the national centre for the Greenstone Southern Africa Pilot Project. Since then they have organized workshops, made presentations, implemented Greenstone installations, and provided technical support to institutions across Zimbabwe.

There are now five universities in Zimbabwe that have set up Greenstone Collections: Africa University, NUST, Women’s University in Africa, Midlands State University, and Chinhoyi University of Technology.

These collections provide faculty, students and, in some cases, the public with access to a wide range of materials; including agricultural reports, resources related to disabilities issues in Zimbabwe, ebooks, exam papers, collections on gender and gender-related issues, collections of health–related materials, archival collections, theses and dissertations, and faculty papers.

In addition, in the past year the following activities were completed. An advocacy workshop with heads of the ZULC (Zimbabwe University Libraries Consortium) was held in Bulawayo in June 2009. The main topics of discussion were digitization, creation and management of digital libraries and relevant copyright issues. There was also a discussion regarding the necessity to re-align the curriculum of library schools to meet the needs of next generation libraries.

A 2-day national workshop was hosted by NUST Library in Bulawayo in December 2009 to define the next steps in digital library development; it was attended by key stakeholders from 11 higher education institutions across Zimbabwe.

Finally, there have been in-person visits to institutions to provide necessary technical support in server set ups and Greenstone user interface customization.

More information about EIFL-FOSS SA-Greenstone:

Greenstone support network for South Asia

The initial EIFL support for the Greenstone Support Network for South Asia began in December 2008 through a contract between EIFL and the Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (SRELS) in Bangalore.

Recent Activities
SRELS in close collaboration with the South Asian Greenstone Support effort (underway since 2006) and with the voluntary technical and organisational support of the Indian Institute of Management in Kozhikode, India, has worked on the following projects:

§ Survey of Greenstone users in the region: August-September 2009 in collaboration with the National Centre for Science Information (NCSI) in Bangalore, a survey was compiled; summary available here:; full report coming soon

§ Kannada and Tamil language projects: Greenstone interfaces and pilot digital library collections were developed and sensitisation workshops were organised

§ South Asian language interfaces: Development and updating of the now 11 South Asian languages interfaces (Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepalese, Singhalese, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu). More information:

§ New national network nodes established: Bangladesh (East West University), Maldives (the National Library) and Nepal (HealthNet Nepal which is also the EIFL liaison in that country). These institutions have also received complementary support from the University of Waikato.

The final step in this initial work will be a regional meeting of the representatives of national Greenstone nodes (from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka). The meeting will be organised by HealthNet Nepal and held in Kathmandu on 23-25 July. At the meeting, the strategies for future work, including identifying promotional activities, partnerships and training needs will be defined.

7. Update on EIFL-PLIP

PLIP launch brings together grantees from 11 countries

20 representatives of PLIP grant projects met in Ljubljana, Slovenia on June 24-27 at the first in-person meeting (unfortunately due to visa issues, the grantees from Nepal were not able to attend).

During this 4-day meeting, a variety of methods were used to facilitate exchange of ideas and to enhance communication skills.

Grantees shared multi-media presentations that brought to life their communities and the goals of their projects. In group discussions and unconference activities, participants described the needs of their communities, innovation in the context of new services, advocacy, and the use of technology. There was also a targeted one-day workshop that focused on the communication. It provided grantees with the necessary knowledge on how to create and share their stories to demonstrate how libraries can (and do!) help to improve lives in their communities.

A number of photos, demonstrating the fun and supportive atmosphere, are available here:

More information about PLIP:

The eIFL team