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John Rose john.rose1 at free.fr
Fri Sep 11 18:23:43 EEST 2009

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to come in on Repke's question:
"Another one of those choices is the need for a 
so called "institutional repository"  and  having 
Greenstone as option but also the more 
specialised DSpace or EPrints:  anyone on the 
list confronted with this choice: please share !"

Please note that I am not a software specialist, 
and can only speak from my understanding, but I 
still think it best that I try my best subject to further discussion.

The main advantage of several specialised 
"institutional repository" packages such as 
DSpace is that they have a built-in facility for 
automating workflow control: the authors authors 
generally submit their own documents, and then a 
chain of intermediaries then successively treats 
the documents (e.g. a collection editor or peer 
panel approves the document, a metadata editor 
adds metadata, etc.). In Greenstone these 
facilities are much more primitive, and complex 
workflows would have to be organised manually or 
programmed. There are, however, two 
straightforward ways in which simple workflow 
control can be organised: i) the Depositor allows 
an end-user to add his/her documents to a 
collection, with or without metadata and ii) the 
OAI-PMH harvesting facility would enable 
uploading of documents and metadata from a 
decentralized (e.g. Department level) collection 
to a main collection (the standard OAI-PMH 
protocol concerns harvesting of metadata only, 
but Greenstone also provides for harvesting the associated documents).

Greenstone is a polyvalent package, and has many 
advantages, especially when working with smaller, 
multi-function collections/institutions: 
straightforward installation and basic 
customisation, multiplatform and multilingual 
capability, ability to handle documents in a wide 
range of proprietary or international standard 
formats, compatibility for data transfer with 
CDS/ISIS and several other library automation 
packages (including an application integrating 
Koha and Greenstone recently developed in India). 
All of these are to some extent also ensured by, 
for example, DSpace, but not to the same degree of with the same ease.

There is also, I believe, a strong potential for 
mixed applications/networks combining Greenstone 
and specialised "institutional repository" 
packages. A key facility for such integration 
would be the OAI-PMH serving and harvesting 
facilities of Greenstone, which have been 
developed to a high level of quality (note that 
most "institutional repository" packages provide 
for OAI-PMH serving but not for harvesting which 
is handled by other software), but have not yet 
been widely applied. We would be very interested 
in working to provide technical assistance to 
institutions or networks which want to tested and/or exploit these facilities.

regards, John Rose of Greenstone Team

At 14:02 11/09/2009, you wrote:
>Dear all
>Leonia from the Lesotho Polytechnic Library and I have been
>discussing this off list  and concluded that for cataloguing and
>circulation one of the FOSS ILS products is the better option and the
>good news is that together with their IT department they are well
>under way evaluating and implementing one of these packages.
>This brings me to the following:
>1)  it is great you posted to this Greenstone  and digitisation /
>digital library oriented list Leonia and we then managed  (answers by
>Amos and Gilchriste) to identify the best options for your library's
>need - even though the answer was Evergreen or Koha (or ABCD) rather
>than Greenstone:  this list certainly is a platform for that type of
>matching between library (archive, NGO' ..) IT needs and available
>FOSS solutions too.
>Another one of those choices is the need for a so called
>"institutional repository"  and  having Greenstone as option but also
>the more specialised DSpace or EPrints:  anyone on the list
>confronted with this choice: please share !
>2) in addition to the information sources on ILS-es Amos pointed out
>(see below) there are a few more:
>   - the recently published  eIFL FOSS ILS project cases studies at
>Nearby Zimbabawe and Malawi are involved, Western African Mali is
>involved !
>- the "FOSS for libraries" catalogue of options at
>Enjoy your weekend, Repke
>Op 18-aug-2009, om 9:38 heeft Amos Kujenga het volgende geschreven:
> > Dear Leonia,
> >
> > For you to use Greenstone effectively it is important to go through
> > some form of training. One way to do this is via the tutorial
> > exercises on the Greenstone site
> > (http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/Tutorial_exercises). Some
> > other documentation is also available from the Greenstone wiki
> > (http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/GreenstoneWik).
> >
> > Secondly, did you build the collection after uploading the documents
> > through the Librarian Interface?
> >
> > Lastly, you mentioned that you are trying to digitize your manual
> > catalogue. If I get you correctly, you'd rather do this using an
> > Integrated Library System (ILS). Examples of Open Source ILSs are:
> > - Koha (http://www.koha.org)
> > - Evergreen (http://www.open-ils.org)
> > - ABCD (http://reddes.bvsalud.org/projects/abcd/)
> >
> > I hope this addresses your problem. Your feedback would be greatly
> > appreciated.
> >
> > Regards
> >
> >
> > Amos
> >
> > On 8/17/09, Nomqibizue Sebolai <ithabeleng at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >> My name is Leonia M. None. I am Assistant Librarian who is trying to
> >> digitize the manual catalogue of Lerotholi Polytechnic Library using
> >> greenstone. I entered information using excell but the documents
> >> do not
> >> appear when trying to open digital library interface. They only
> >> appear
> >> clearlly in Librarian interface.
> >>
> >> Please tell me where did I go wrong?
> >> Waiting to hear frm you.
> >>
> >> Regards!
> >> Leonia Mabakuena None
> >>
> >>
> >>
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