[sagreenstone] Looking for lib system with the following spec

Kutiwa Brian kutiwab at africau.ac.zw
Wed Sep 23 18:08:02 EEST 2009

Dear Africa,

At Africa University we use Millennium (INNOPAC) developed by Innovative Interfaces. Many other Universities are using this. It has all what you have listed and many other functions. You have the option of dicing on the modules you need depending on your budget.

Brian Kutiwa
Client Services Librarian
Africa University

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Dear Africa,

I think that UNICORN library system could be the answer to your problem. 

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Dear All

I am looking for a system that will address the following library
specification : Please suggest


   *Have improved inventory control*:

      Tracks the status (checked out, lost, etc.) of all the materials in
      the library. By contrast, using a manual card system, there is no way to
      answer people’s questions about items that are not on the shelf, such as:
      When can I have that book? When is that movie due to be returned?


   *Be able to efficiently manage overdue items:*


   Be able to print reports of overdue items and have the ability to create
   pull-apart mailing forms similar to those used for bank statements. Also be
   able to send automatically reminder emails two days before an item becomes
   overdue and another email can be sent when the item becomes overdue. The
   emails need to be sent automatically, with no time spent or involvement
   required by staff.


   *Be able to easily gather statistics and get reports:*


   The systems will need to automatically compile statistics when the system
   is used so and be able to generate reports based on those numbers. Through
   these, the library will be able to see how the collection is being used and
   which sections are not being used.


   *Have Internet access to library catalog *


   The system need to have WebOPAC that will provide instant access through
   an Internet or local intranet connection. This will enable patrons by using
   a standard Web browser from home, a favorite coffee shop, or virtually
   anywhere else with an Internet connection, to take advantage of WebOPAC’s
   powerful search options to view the library’s collection anywhere, anytime.
   The WebOPAC will be required to supports Easy Word (keyword), Title, Author,
   Subject, ISBN, Visual, and Study Program (Accelerated Reader, Reading
   Counts!, etc.) searches. Even more advance.


   *Need to have impressive Reporting Capability*


   Generate real-time reports tailored to your needs

   Customize reports by adding/removing columns and sorting

   Create and save periodic and frequently used report templates

   Filter reports for specific data

   Select and schedule report production

   Export report data for use in other programs


   *Need to be equipped with traditional library automation functionality.*


   Circulate materials

   Serial Management

   Catalog items

   Create and customize real-time reports

   Print barcodes and spine labels

   Search the library and the Web

   Access library resources anywhere

   View context-sensitive on-line help

 *6. Enable patrons to know what the library has:*


   The library will suppose to have a web-based catalog. The catalog will
   display what the library owns and will indicate the availability of items.
   Patrons can access the catalog from their home and students can use it while
   at MNMA.

 *7. En**able patrons to check their “accounts”:*


   While at the library, or from home, people can enter the barcode on their
   library card and a PIN and see the items they have checked out, items they
   have requested, items that are overdue, and can renew items.

 *8. **Enable patrons to place and manage their holds:*


   People may place requests, or holds, on a book that their library owns
   but is currently checked out. When the book is returned, the computer system
   gives an alert that there is a hold waiting and prints a slip with the
   person’s phone number.

   The system can automatically send emails to let patrons know when
   requested items become available. Patrons also enjoy the convenience of
   having the system notify them about items before they become overdue, and
   receiving overdue notices via email.

Africa J Bwamkuu

On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 3:02 PM, Repke de Vries <repke.devries at eifl.net>wrote:

> Dear all
> Leonia from the Lesotho Polytechnic Library and I have been
> discussing this off list  and concluded that for cataloguing and
> circulation one of the FOSS ILS products is the better option and the
> good news is that together with their IT department they are well
> under way evaluating and implementing one of these packages.
> This brings me to the following:
> 1)  it is great you posted to this Greenstone  and digitisation /
> digital library oriented list Leonia and we then managed  (answers by
> Amos and Gilchriste) to identify the best options for your library's
> need - even though the answer was Evergreen or Koha (or ABCD) rather
> than Greenstone:  this list certainly is a platform for that type of
> matching between library (archive, NGO' ..) IT needs and available
> FOSS solutions too.
> Another one of those choices is the need for a so called
> "institutional repository"  and  having Greenstone as option but also
> the more specialised DSpace or EPrints:  anyone on the list
> confronted with this choice: please share !
> 2) in addition to the information sources on ILS-es Amos pointed out
> (see below) there are a few more:
>  - the recently published  eIFL FOSS ILS project cases studies at
> http://www.eifl.net/cps/sections/services/eifl-foss/ils/case-studies
> Nearby Zimbabawe and Malawi are involved, Western African Mali is
> involved !
> - the "FOSS for libraries" catalogue of options at
> http://www.eifl.net/cps/sections/services/eifl-foss/foss-for-libraries
> Enjoy your weekend, Repke
> Op 18-aug-2009, om 9:38 heeft Amos Kujenga het volgende geschreven:
> > Dear Leonia,
> >
> > For you to use Greenstone effectively it is important to go through
> > some form of training. One way to do this is via the tutorial
> > exercises on the Greenstone site
> > (http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/Tutorial_exercises). Some
> > other documentation is also available from the Greenstone wiki
> > (http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/GreenstoneWik).
> >
> > Secondly, did you build the collection after uploading the documents
> > through the Librarian Interface?
> >
> > Lastly, you mentioned that you are trying to digitize your manual
> > catalogue. If I get you correctly, you'd rather do this using an
> > Integrated Library System (ILS). Examples of Open Source ILSs are:
> > - Koha (http://www.koha.org)
> > - Evergreen (http://www.open-ils.org)
> > - ABCD (http://reddes.bvsalud.org/projects/abcd/)
> >
> > I hope this addresses your problem. Your feedback would be greatly
> > appreciated.
> >
> > Regards
> >
> >
> > Amos
> >
> > On 8/17/09, Nomqibizue Sebolai <ithabeleng at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >> My name is Leonia M. None. I am Assistant Librarian who is trying to
> >> digitize the manual catalogue of Lerotholi Polytechnic Library using
> >> greenstone. I entered information using excell but the documents
> >> do not
> >> appear when trying to open digital library interface. They only
> >> appear
> >> clearlly in Librarian interface.
> >>
> >> Please tell me where did I go wrong?
> >> Waiting to hear frm you.
> >>
> >> Regards!
> >> Leonia Mabakuena None
> >>
> >>
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