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Impact Assessment Results

Library's employment service helps 39 jobseekers find jobs

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Impact study results, May 2011:
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Public Library Braka Miladinovci reports that eight more of their trainees have found jobs, bringing the total number of successful jobseekers trained by the library’s award-winning ‘Creative Minds Create Job Opportunities’ service to 39 – almost half of the total number of trainees.

The library’s service, which is funded by EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (PLIP) combines confidence-building and motivation, computer and Internet training, and job-seeking skills. The service also includes a website for the unemployed, which provides opportunities for employers to advertise posts and for job applicants to download forms and apply online.

In August, the service trained 15 more people, bringing theLearning how to look for jobs in Public Library Braka Miladinovci. total number of jobseekers trained in just one year to 82. The number of trainees who have successfully found jobs through the library’s service has risen steadily over the past year. Now 39 jobseekers (48% of trainees) have found work – a remarkable statistic in an area of high unemployment.

Public Library Braka Miladinovci won a prestigious ERSTE Foundation 2011 Award for Social Integration for ‘Creative Minds Create Job Opportunities’. The library will use the ERSTE Award prize money of €15,000 (US$ 21,550) to fund the service in future.

Success inspires service replication
The success of ‘Creative Minds Create Job Opportunities’ has inspired another public library in Macedonia to replicate the service. Regional public and university library Goce Delchev-Stip has just launched a service for the unemployed, titled ‘An educated woman is a powerful woman’.

‘We were inspired by the Creative Minds Create Job Opportunities service. The library staff from Radovis and their partner organizations gave us a lot of advice and help,’ said Ms Vilma Jovanova, coordinator of the new service in Stip.

The new service in Stip both replicates ‘Creative Minds Create Job Opportunities’ and takes the idea further. In addition to building jobseekers’ confidence, job-seeking and computer skills, the library in Stip will create a resource centre for other public libraries in Macedonia that want to provide similar services for the unemployed. The new service has received support from the US Embassy.

Regional public and university library Goce Delchev-Stip serves Stip, which is the largest city in Eastern Macedonia (population 50,000), and the nearby municipality of Karbinci. In addition to serving the general public, the library recently began providing special services to university students. Stip is home to a large university and there are 10,000 university students living in the city.


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Thirty-one people find jobs through library training

Twenty people find jobs through library training


Project background

Unemployment in the two towns of Radovis and Konce is at 20% - or one in five people. A survey by the library found that jobless young people lacked basic computer skills that would make them competitive in the job market. They also lacked the funds to attend training. 

The Public Library "Braka Miladinovci" Radovis project is conducting training sessions for jobseekers to strengthen their information technology and job seeking skills. 

The need
The Public Library "Braka Miladinovci" serves a population of 32,000 in the municipalities of Radovis and Konce. The municipalities include one town and 34 villages.

The library’s survey found that of the 20% unemployed people in the area, 38.8% were women, and about half of these were aged 20 and 40. Factories in Madedonia have been hit by the economic crisis. The problem is made worse by lack of economic development and investment in the area. In addition, young people are not qualified and do not have a proactive entrepreneurial approach to seeking work.  Local government has made creating job opportunities a priority, and the library programme is supporting their efforts.

The project uses computers and the Internet. The library is also creating a web page with resources for the unemployed.

The library is partnering with Citizens Creative Centre "KREA,"Radovis, a non- governmental organization devoted to the development of young people and productive use of information technology. "Women's Action," is another NGO partner that is working to strengthen the role of women in public and social life.

If you want to know more about this project, contact:

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