Zambia Library Consortium (ZALICO) Member List

Last updated 27 March 2013

  1. Bank of Zambia Library
  2. Copperbelt University
  3. Defence Services Command and Staff College
  4. Evelyn Hone College
  5. Faith and Encounter Centre (FENZA)
  6. Mulungushi University Library
  7. National Assembly of Zambia
  8. National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research
  9. National Institute of Public Administration
  10. National Science and Technology Council
  11. National Technology Business Centre
  12. Post Newspapers Library
  13. Rusangu University
  14. Theological College of Central Africa
  15. University of Zambia
  16. Zambia Agricultural Research Institute
  17. Zambia Air Services Training Institute
  18. Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies
  19. Zambia Environmental Management Agency
  20. Zambia Forestry College