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TITLEsort descending TYPE DATE
Public Libraries Play a Vital Role in Community Development Presentation 2011.
Lithuanian public library's educational computer game helps at-risk children reconnect with their schools Case Study 2011.
Lveate Centrestone Public Library, Cambodia: Bringing hidden history to life Case Study 2011.
Public Library Zavidovici, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Safe space for young people Case Study 2011.
Open access in Eastern Europe / Otvorený prístup vo východnej Európe Article 2011.
Policies and strategies for open access. Recommendations for policy makers at universities / Polityka i strategie otwartego dostępu. Zalecenia dla twórców polityk uczelnianych Article 2011.
Report on the implementation of open content licenses in developing and transition countries Report 2011.
Results of the SOAP Survey: A Preliminary Overview of the Situation in EIFL Partner Countries Report 2011.
EIFL response to UN consultation on scientific progress Position paper & statement 2011.
Webinar on open access at the University of Glasgow Webinar 2011.
Saula Library, Nepal: Using technology to support traditional artists Case Study 2011.
Ulaanbaatar Public Library, Mongolia: Improving lives of visually impaired people Case Study 2011.
Panguipulli Public Library No. 296, Chile: Connecting farmers to vital information Case Study 2011.
Public Library ‘Braka Miladinovci’, Macedonia: Training for jobless women Case Study 2011.
Public Library Radislav Nikcevic, Serbia: Helping farmers increase their income Case Study 2011.