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TITLEsort ascending TYPE DATE
How EIFL’s open science training is advancing openness in science and research Brochure 2018.
EIFL webinar: How transformative agreements will accelerate the transition to open access Webinar 2019.
EIFL webinar: Implementation of DOI in Serbia Webinar 2019.
EIFL webinar: Learn about the new Ubiquity Press open source repositories platform Webinar 2019.
Webinar on new developments in the field of Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) Webinar 2019.
Recommendations on open science training, for researchers, research support staff and librarians Guide 2018.
EIFL webinar: Technology - discovering open access content and exploring legal alternatives to paywalls Webinar: Technology 2018.
How EIFL’s support helped open up East African research to the world Case Study 2018.
The eLibrary Myanmar Project: Benefits and Impact on Myanmar’s Higher Education Libraries Article 2018.
EIFL webinar: Technology - Dimensions: new research insights platform Webinar: Technology 2018.
EIFL webinar: Q&A on DSpace free and open source repository software Webinar 2017.
EIFL webinar: How to track use and re-use of open access research available in repositories Webinar 2017.
EIFL webinar: DSpace-CRIS - a free, open source tool for institutional repositories to manage research information Webinar 2017.
EIFL webinar: An Introduction to Creative Commons Webinar 2017.
EIFL webinar: how to run e-learning courses on Research Data Management and Open Science for early career researchers Webinar 2017.