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31 Dec 2024

Since its first publication in 1911, Benezit Dictionary of Artists has become one of the most comprehensive and definitive resources of artist biographies available. Featuring more than 169,000 clear and concise entries covering artists across all media, Benezit is distinguished by its coverage of lesser-known artists, images of artists’ signatures, historical auction records, and lists of museum holdings.

Grove Art Online is the foremost scholarly art encyclopedia, covering both Western and non-Western art. First published as the landmark 34-volume Dictionary of Art, edited by Jane Turner, the content of Grove Art Online encompasses all aspects of visual culture. It features articles about topics as varied as Fauvism and Frida Kahlo, bibliographies for further research, and thousands of searchable images made available through Oxford’s partnerships with museums, galleries, and other outstanding arts organizations.

Oxford Music Online is the leading resource for music research. This comprehensive resource draws from the full texts of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (2nd ed.), The New Grove Dictionary of Opera, and The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz (2nd ed.) and also includes new and updated articles and bibliographies exclusively available online. Featuring over 52,000 articles, from Bach to Beyoncé, Grove Music Online is the go-to resource for students and scholars alike.

Art and architecture, including visual arts from pre-history to present day (from Palaeolithic cave and rock art to the work of Frida Kahlo and Damien Hirst), fine art (painting, sculpture and architecture), and the decorative arts (ceramics, textiles, jewellery, interior design, furniture, glass, metalwork and more).

Music, including the history of music and cultural studies

Grove Art Online

  • Grove Art Online is a living resource, with scholars and specialists from around the world continually reviewing and updating existing content and contributing new articles.
  • In addition to the vast number of entries on the visual arts, Grove Art Online features exceptional learning resources that organise the content for use in art and art history classrooms 
  • Available on the Oxford Art Online platform, Grove Art Online is cross-searchable with the Benezit Dictionary of Artists (dual subscription required)

Benezit Dictionary of Artists

  • Updated regularly to reflect new scholarship, additions to the bibliographies, and corrections.
  • Features more than 11,000 images of artist signatures, monograms, and stamps of sale. 
  • Learning resources, including thematic guides and abbreviations, enable quick and easy access to featured content.

Grove Music Online

  • Grove Music Online is a living resource, with scholars and specialists from around the world continually reviewing and updating existing content and contributing new articles
  • In addition to the vast number of articles, Grove Music Online also features a host of learning resources, including timelines and subject guides that organize content for use in the classroom. 
  • Many of the recent additions to Grove Music Online come from two new print publications, The Grove Dictionary of American Music (2nd ed.) and The Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments (2nd ed.)