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Applied Sciences, Business & Management, Earth Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences & Mathematics, Social Sciences
31 Dec 2024

The Taylor & Francis Online Journal Library brings together online journal content from three of the world's leading publishers: Taylor & Francis, Routledge, and Psychology Press. 

It offers full text access to the complete portfolio of over 1,982 journals covering a wide range of subject areas – from the social sciences and humanities to science and technology. The collection includes 1,488 Social Sciences & Humanities and 494 Science & Technology titles.

Anthropology and Archaeology, behavioural science, business, management and economics, chemistry, criminology and law, education, engineering, computing and technology, environment and agriculture, geography, planning, urban and environment, mathematics and statistics, media, cultural and communication studies, physics, politics, international relations and area studies, public health and social care, sociology, sport, leisure and tourism and strategic, defence and security studies. 

For librarians

  • Brand the website and maintain your university’s identity across all downloaded articles by inserting your library’s logo
  • Add link resolvers
  • Provide quick and convenient access to content with your choice of authentication: IP, Proxy Server, Shibboleth
  • Reduce pressure on storage space
  • Create marked lists – build and share online resources with students
  • Manage your subscriptions ­– monitor your collection at a glance by choosing to view the subscriptions you manage
  • Keep your library systems up to date – download your subscription lists with open URLs and access start and end dates
  • mobile interface is also available

For researchers

  • Easy‐to-use platform, including mobile interface
  • Simple and advanced search facilities
  • Choice of document delivery – download articles in pdf or html format
  • Alerting services – keep up‐to‐date with your area of interest with a variety of alerts including: New Issue Alerts, Publication Alerts, Citation Alerts, iFirst Alerts, Search Alerts and RSS feeds
  • Speed of publication – iFirst service delivers current research quickly by shortening the submission to online publication process
  • Follow references using CrossRef’s active linking
  • Select, save and view favourite resources by adding them to a marked list