EIFL-PLIP T-break: Short-form and micro training methods
Knowledge-sharing event for public librarians who have completed EIFL training of trainers’ programmes in Kenya, Namibia, Uganda and Zambia

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Event Date: 15 Jun 2022
Public librarians attend EIFL-PLIP training in Uganda.

Public librarians in Kenya, Namibia, Uganda and Zambia who have completed training-of-trainers programmes organized by the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) and partners are invited to attend this informal knowledge sharing event.

The event will focus on training methods. Public librarians from Uganda will share their experiences of short-form training in outreach programmes, and the EIFL-PLIP team will share a bite-sized video for training librarians that is based on the microlearning approach. 

The aim of the T-breaks is to refresh the trainers’ knowledge, share practical experiences and to build a local and cross-border support network of public library trainers. Since 2017, EIFL has trained 62 public librarians in Kenya, Namibia, Uganda and Zambia to become trainers, and they have cascaded the training to over 650 librarians in their countries.