The Lens open knowledge and discovery platform
Learn about The Lens open knowledge and discovery platform in this EIFL webinar

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Event Date: 27 May 2021

Join this EIFL webinar to learn more about The Lens, a discovery platform that provides discovery, analytics and research management tools that are free to use. 

Date and time: 27 May 2021, at 09:00 GMT. Check your timezone.
Registration: To register, click here.

Presenter Mark Garlinghouse, who is responsible for business development at The Lens, will present an overview followed by a demonstration of how to perform searches of interest to librarians and researchers at academic institutions, for example by looking at research output or citation intensity. The platform includes 111 million patent records as well as the metadata from over 200 million scholarly records, compiled and harmonized from Microsoft Academic, PubMed and Crossref, enhanced with UnPaywall open access information, CORE full text, and links to ORCID. It is open, meaning that there are no constraints to reuse the data displayed.

Here are some examples to look at before the webinar: