Managing a successful library consortium
An EIFL eLIbrary Myanmar workshop

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Event Date: 15 Aug 2016 - 17 Aug 2016
Yangon, Myanmar

EIFL and MALC, the Myanmar Academic Library Consortium, are to hold a workshop on How to Manage a Successful Library Consortium.

The workshop is part of the eLibrary Myanmar project, which enables libraries at universities under the control of the Myanmar Ministry of Education to provide effective support for teaching, research and learning across all faculties - from the sciences to the social sciences and humanities.

The goal of the workshop is to build the capacity of participants to develop and manage an effective consortium that will ensure sustained access  to e-resources and consortium-wide collaboration and knowledge-sharing in important areas of common interest, such as Open Access, copyright in the digital age, and technical developments relevant to modern libraries.

Participants will be library directors and librarians in charge of access to e-resources of the seven academic libraries taking part in the eLibrary Myanmar project.

Workshop topics will cover establishment of consortium governance; funding/budgeting and cost-sharing among consortium members; duties of the consortium administrator, and all aspects of the licensing of e-resources as the primary joint activity of consortium members. The format will be a mixture of plenary and working group sessions, ending up with a round-table discussion on next steps.

Emilija Banionytė, director, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences Library, President of the Lithuanian Research Library Consortium and member of the EIFL Management Board, and Jevgenija Ševcova, EIFL Programme and Events Coordinator, and databases manager at the Lithuanian Research Library Consortium, will be leading the workshop and sharing their knowledge and experiences from many years of involvement in the evolution and management of the Lithuanian Research Library Consortium.