Open Access and Books – Emerging New Models and the Global South
EIFL and COPIM webinar on new and more equal models for open access book publishing

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Event Date: 09 Nov 2021

Webinar on open access books, which are hot on the agenda around the world. Funding agencies across Europe and the Americas are applying open access mandates and publishers are seeking new models that avoid Book Processing Charges. 

However, what is being done to address the systemic barriers to access along geopolitical lines? How can open access to books be a truly ‘open’ endeavour that does not simply replicate existing inequalities? How does the Global South fit into this?  

In this webinar, organized by EIFL and COPIM (Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs), Frances Pinter and Martin Paul Eve discuss their ongoing work to convert the Central European University Press to an open access model with support from COPIM. They will discuss issues of infrastructure, funding, language, and participation. They will also talk about the ways that their model, and a few others that have recently emerged, are designed to ensure a less exclusionary approach for book publishing in the future.