Webinar: Checking e-resources overlap
Join this EIFL webinar and learn how to check for content overlap between different e-resources packages

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Event Date: 06 Dec 2017

EIFL webinar: Some subscription journals or e-books are available from more than one provider, as they can be included in direct publishing packages or packages from different aggregators. When libraries consider new e-resources for subscription, it is important to check that the content is not included in e-resources that have already been subscribed to.

There will be two webinar presenters. Each will present a tool which can be used to check for overlap between different e-resources packages.

Tatjana Timotijevic, Head of the Department of Scientific Information at the National Library of Serbia, and Country Coordinator for the Serbian Library Consortium, KoBSON, will share the experience of the National Library of Serbia in checking for content overlap. Timotijevic will give a brief overview of the database the consortium has created, which includes lists of subscribed journals and e-books, and how these can be queried to identify any overlapping content.

Jevgenija Sevcova, Databases Manager at the Lithuanian Research Library Consortium (LMBA), will speak about how the (cufts2.lib.sfu.ca/MaintTool/public/compare) open source electronic resource management system CUFTS can be used for cross checking e-resources for overlap.

Date: 6 December

Time: 10:00 GMT / 11:00 BST / 12:00 CET

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