Webinar: Rights Retention
Join this EIFL and cOAlition S webinar about the online campaign to help authors acknowledge and assert their rights to reuse and share their knowledge

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Event Date: 01 Jun 2022

Have questions and need resources on the Rights Retention Strategy? Join this EIFL and cOAlition S webinar to learn about an online campaign to help authors acknowledge and assert their intellectual property rights.

The webinar will address librarians, researchers and research support staff. Speakers are Sally Rumsey and Johan Rooryck of cOAlition S. 

  • Date and time: 1 June at 9:00 UTC
  • Registration: Please register here

Rights retention policies enable authors to exercise the rights they automatically own so they can use their work as they choose. This includes the ability to deposit a copy of their Author Accepted Manuscript in a repository, and to provide open access to it without embargo and under an open licence. cOAlition S launched the Rights Retention Strategy in 2020 to give researchers who are supported by a cOAlition S organizations the freedom to submit manuscripts for publication to their journal of choice, including subscription journals, whilst remaining fully compliant with Plan S. This year (2022), to help researchers acknowledge and assert their rights, cOAlition S has launched an online campaign, under the theme ‘Publish with Power: Protect your rights’. The webinar will provide updates on this campaign, the cOAlition S Rights Retention Strategy and the suite of freely available resources about the Rights Retention Strategy: