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What is covered in the Model Licences?

  • ​What the resource can be used for
  • Who is authorised to use the resource, and how it can be accessed
  • What authorised users and institutions can and can't do
  • The responsibilities of the institution/consortium
  • The responsibilities of the publisher
  • Customer support for subscribing institutions and their authorised users
  • The provision of free electronic user documentation (for reproduction and circulation with appropriate acknowledgement)
  • A warranty by the publisher that all intellectual property rights ("IPR") in the resources are either owned by or licensed to the publisher
  • An indemnity by the publisher to protect institutions if they are sued by a third party for IPR infringement for using the resource in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions in the Licence

The licences also include other terms and conditions in accordance with best practice for a licence of this nature such as the duration of the agreement, grounds for termination, acknowledgement of IPR, warranties and indemnities, Force Majeure and governing law.