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What is the process for gaining access to EIFL-licensed resources?

EIFL-licensed resources are only available to members of our partner library consortia in eligible countries (i.e. ones covered by agreements for individual resources).

If your institution wishes to take part in an agreement, you should contact the EIFL Licensing Coordinator in your country. They will be able to help you through the process.

However, in general terms, the standard subscription process is as follows. (Please note that it may be slightly different in some cases.)

Eligible institutions need to:

  1. Review the terms of the relevant licence. The licence is for reference only and does not need to be signed.
  2. Sign the licence acceptance form.
  3. Send the signed licence acceptance form either to the EIFL Licensing Coordinator or to the person/address listed on the form.
  4. Arrange payment (if applicable).

Once payment has been received (if applicable), vendors will notify subscribing institutions/EIFL Licensing Coordinators (as appropriate) by email when access has been set up.  

We recommend that institutions save this notification email as it will contain important information about access, how to use the resource, how to change account details (for example IP addresses), and how to generate usage reports