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Who is authorised to use the resource?

The Licences refer to Authorised Users. These fall into two categories based on their relationship with an institution:

These are:

1) An individual who is authorised by the institution to have access to its information services (whether on-site or off-site) via Secure Authentication and who is:

  • a current student of the Institution (including undergraduates and postgraduates) or an alumni of the Institution;
  • a member of staff of the institution (whether permanent or temporary including retired members of staff and any teacher who teaches Authorised Users registered in the country where the Institution is located);
  • a contractor of the institution.

2) Walk-in Users. Any person who is permitted by the institution to access its secure network from computer terminals within the premises of the institution. This person is referred to as a Walk-in User because they can access the resource by "walking in" to the library