Read and publish deals ‘drive increase in OA research content’
EIFL features in this article about how ‘read and publish’ agreements are increasing open access research content in hybrid subscription journals

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EIFL’s partner publisher, the Company of Biologists, reports that its read and publish agreements have led to a significant increase in the proportion of open access research content in its hybrid subscription journals, according to an article published by the independent news website, Research information. 

In 2021, the Company of Biologists signed an agreement with EIFL which enables researchers in 30 developing and transition economy countries to publish open access articles in its hybrid journals without paying an article processing charge (APC). In addition, the Company of Biologists has signed read and publish agreements with library consortia in Australia, Germany, Israel, Spain, the UK and the USA, as part of its Read and Publish Open Access initiative.

Publication/media outlet: Research information

Article title: Read and publish deals ‘drive increase in OA research content’

Date published: 15 February 2022

EIFL project/programme: EIFL Licensing Programme

Language of item: English

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