Launch of the Open Science Training Handbook
FOSTER releases Open Science Training Handbook for instructors and trainers

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Work in progress - ideas board generated by authors at the Open Science handbook ‘book sprint’ in February 2018.

The FOSTER (Facilitating Open Science Training for European Research) project has released its Open Science Training Handbook for Open Science instructors and trainers.

The new Handbook is now available as a GitBook (CC 0 licence). It provides a comprehensive overview of practical resources and tools to support trainers who would like to teach and inspire researchers on Open Science topics. In addition to providing basic information about Open Science, the handbook offers insights into learning and training practices and includes plenty of practical examples and exercises, and a chapter with tips and tricks for organizing open science training events.

Written by 14 authors during a ‘book sprint’ at the German National Library of Science and Technology in Hannover, Germany in February 2018, the handbook aims to support research institutions making the transition to Open Science. It is an important resource for developing open access and open science curricula and teaching methodologies.

EIFL is a partner in the European Union-funded FOSTER project and is responsible for coordinating all training activities for the project.