EIFL webinar: How to use Shareyourpaper.org to automate repository deposit workflows for journal articles

Practical advice, ideas and tips for repository managers on automating repository deposit workflows for journal articles

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Joe McArthur, OA.Works Director
June 2021

Shareyourpaper.org automates repository deposit workflows for journal articles — metadata entry, permissions, and version checking. Repository managers can use this self-setup system and adjust the workflow to their liking.  In this webinar (55 minutes) Joe McArthur, OA.Works Director, explains different options and set-up processes for each one of them in a live demo. 

Quick and easy setup process:

Step 1: Go to https://openaccessbutton.org/shareyourpaper/setup# and click Deposit Preferences, make sure that you are logged in, add your repository name, repository policy URL, a short description of your deposit process, answer some more questions about the set up, click Save & Continue.  

Step 2: Add your Open Access Policy if you have one. 

Step 3: Click Repository and select how you would like to get deposits in your repository: Manual repository deposit: one-by-one over email, Manually: bulk upload spreadsheet, Programmatically: OAI-PMH, Programmatically: API or Programmatically: Direct Deposit. All these options are explained in the webinar. 

Step 4: Integrate Shareyourpaper.org onto any webpage on your website, and blend in with your brand - copy and paste the source code (HTML) from a box (or ask a developer to). 

Shareyourpaper.org automatically does all the hard work for depositors, making sharing journal articles, and depositing simple - all you need to do is drag and drop a paper. And it’s free, open source and community owned.

Download the presentation slides (PDF).