Open access and open data support services at Tartu University - case study of an EIFL-funded project in Estonia

Achievements, strategies, tactics and tools, success stories and lessons learnt from the EIFL-funded project on implementing open research data support services, enhancing open access (OA) support services and OA policy discussions in Tartu University, Estonia

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Case Study
Sirpia-Mironov, Elena
September 2014

In 2011-2013 EIFL provided financial support to 34 projects that implemented national and institutional OA advocacy campaigns to reach out to research communities and OA publishing initiatives.

Through small grants and support from their own institutions, the projects engaged in a wide variety of campaigns and activities, including: holding workshops, creating websites, building institutional OA repositories, creating e-learning courses, and implementing OA publishing platforms.

The case studies resulting from the projects reveal impressive first-time achievements and will help increase the availability of research literature in developing and transition countries.

Learn more about the key achievements for this OA campaign in Estonia in our EIFL in Action. You can access the full case study (strategies, tactics and tools, success stories and lessons learnt) by clicking on the download button.


The eight-month project has been designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Discuss institutional and national OA policies;
  • Raise awareness on open research data and opportunities it offers for creating an effective semantic web by linking publications and research data that are openly available;
  • Raise awareness on publishing OA journals (via UTL OJS platform) and OA monographs (capitalizing on a strong partnerships with the UT press and OAPEN);
  • Make research output available in the UTL repository.

Due to the library’s open access activities and competence, the main change that has taken place can be seen in the role of the library as a trustworthy partner to scientists, university’s administration as well as funders. The library has operated as mediator in the dialogue between the different stakeholders and has reached the position where our input is considered and we can carry out different projects to help improve science.

Liisi Lembinen, The University of Tartu Library Acting Director