Open Access – Optimizing Scholarly Communication in Moldova

This case study contains key achievements, strategies, tactics and tools, success stories and lessons learnt from the EIFL-funded institutional open access advocacy project in Moldova

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Case Study
Cheradi, Natalia
February 2013

In 2011-2013 EIFL provided financial support to 34 projects that implemented national and institutional open access (OA) advocacy campaigns to reach out to research communities and OA publishing initiatives.

Through small grants and support from their own institutions, the projects engaged in a wide variety of campaigns and activities, including: holding workshops, creating websites, building institutional OA repositories, creating e-learning courses, and implementing OA publishing platforms.

The case studies resulting from the projects reveal impressive first-time achievements and will help increase the availability of research literature in developing and transition countries.

Learn more about the key achievements for this institutional OA campaign in Moldova below. You can access the full case study (strategies, tactics and tools, success stories and lessons learnt) by clicking on the download button.

About the project in Moldova

In 2011, there were four OA journals published in Moldova by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Presa Universitara Balteana and Alecu Russo State University of Bălţi. The Library community has been active in the OA movement, but there were no OA repositories and no OA policies in the country. The project objectives were to: develop and approve an OA policy at the Academy of Economic Studies (AESM); launch an OA repository; share information about OA in the national language; increase awareness of OA among faculty and students; identify OA advocates to continue promoting OA on campus and in the country; train and encourage other universities and research organizations in the country to follow AESM's approach.

Key achievements

  • The first OA policy in Moldova was adopted by the Senate at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (AESM) on December 24, 2012.
  • The first OA repository in the country launched at AESM (
  • Through a variety of promotional activities, over 15,000 faculty, students, research administrators and librarians gained an understanding of and confidence in OA.