Webinar on the Evergreen FOSS library system solution

Among the Themed Week activities organised by EIFL-FOSS was a free online workshop on Evergreen: a FOSS library system solution on Thursday 29th September 2011

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Scott, Dan; Zargaryan, Tigran; Vries, Repke de; Jansa, Vaclav
September 2011

The focus of the EIFL-FOSS Themed Week September 26-30, 2011 was on Evergreen, an established Open Source Integrated Library System (ILS) which has been the subject of a series of EIFL-FOSS pilots. Online presentations provided information on the latest developments with Evergreen and demonstrated how different libraries have implemented and worked with it.

About Evergreen

Evergreen is software that helps library users to find library materials and helps libraries to manage, catalog, and circulate those materials. It includes circulation and cataloguing features, OPAC, search/retrieval via the Z39.50 protocol and SIP2.0 support for interaction with management software. 

As Evergreen celebrated the 5th anniversary of its original version release, it has announced that over 1000 libraries worldwide now have an installation of Evergreen. The first libraries outside of North America to be based on Evergreen and have a public OPAC were in the EIFL country of Georgia(access their OPAC here) and the EIFL network is delighted to showcase the work of another early adopter in Armenia (public.eg-server.flib.sci.am/opac/en-US/skin/default/xml/index.xml) (access their OPAC here).

Online workshop

The guest contributors to the workshop were:

  • Dan Scott, Systems Librarian at Laurentian University, Canada, and open source hacker/developer.
  • Tigran Zargaryan, Director of the National Library of Armenia.
  • Repke de Vries, International Institute of Social History, Netherlands.
  • Václav Jansa, IT admin at the Czech National Technical Library (supported by colleagues Linda Jansová and Eva Cerniňáková.

The workshop is supported by an titanpad.com/eifl-foss-evergreen open access wiki  for Questions and Answers about Evergreen.

Download the presentation materials from the session:


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Evergreen is an open source Integrated Library System (ILS) software.

Simon Ball introduces speakers to webinar participants.
Simon Ball introduces speakers to webinar participants.