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How EIFL's partnership with Kenya National Library Service helped transform public libraries in Kenya Case Study, Brochure 2017.
Statements by EIFL at WIPO meetings (2017) Position paper & statement 2017.
EIFL poster: World Intellectual Property Day 2017: How copyright will support innovators and the improvement of lives Poster 2017.
The Marrakesh Treaty: an EIFL Guide for Libraries (Nepali) Guide 2017.
Don’t go back on the deal: joint library statement on EU implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty Position paper & statement 2017.
Implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty: EIFL FAQs Position paper & statement 2016.
EIFL Information note: Inter-library document supply Guide 2016.
Statements to WIPO SCCR on how information is denied when copyright exceptions stop at the border Position paper & statement 2016.
The Marrakesh Treaty: an EIFL Guide for Libraries (Lithuanian) Guide 2016.
How licensing ended international non-commercial document supply at one of the world’s largest research libraries Report, Case Study 2016.
EIFL webinar: Copyright reform in Poland - what do the changes mean for libraries? Webinar 2016.
Copyright law of Poland. Analysis of library-related provisions Guide 2016.
EIFL poster showing how public libraries contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education Poster 2016.
EIFL poster: Core library exceptions checklist Poster, Position paper & statement, Model laws & licences 2016.
‘Rate my copyright law’. Does your copyright law support library activities and services? Position paper & statement, Model laws & licences 2016.