General Assembly 2022

The General Assembly, EIFL’s major knowledge sharing and networking event of the year

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Screen shot of EIFL country coordinators and EIFL staff participating in 2022 General Assembly.
EIFL Country Coordinators and EIFL staff took part in networking sessions during the second day of the EIFL 2022 General Assembly.

The 2022 EIFL General Assembly (GA) took place online, from 20 - 21 October. This is the third year that the GA, normally an in-person event hosted by an EIFL partner country, has taken place online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The first day of the GA was a public session. The second day was reserved for EIFL coordinators. We hope next year (2023) that we can meet coordinators from our partner countries and our publisher partners in person again.


Almost 200 people registered for this two-hour public session in which EIFL Programme Managers shared progress and achievements. 

Presentations by EIFL Programme Managers

Watch a full length recording of the presentations on EIFL YouTube (length 1h 23 min), or click on the links below to see a PDF of each presentation, and view each recording (about 10 minutes each) separately:


During networking sessions EIFL Country Coordinators shared information about achievements of library consortia in their countries. In addition, there were two meetings on topical issues.

The first meeting was on transformative agreements. These are agreements with publishers that transform the subscription business model for journals towards a fully open access model. Transformative agreements are now in place in several EIFL partner countries and Country Coordinators in Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia and Slovenia, shared information about how the agreements\ are progressing in their countries.

In the second meeting Country Coordinators shared highlights and lessons learnt from open access and open science projects supported by EIFL in 2021-2022.