EIFL’s highly qualified experts offer over 15 years of experience in the areas of open access, licensing, copyright and public libraries. Please direct enquiries to the Communications Manager.

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Open Access Programme Manager
Iryna Kuchma is the Open Access Programme Manager for EIFL. Iryna has been managing the EIFL Open Access Programme (EIFL-OA) since 2008. Her responsibilities include the development, delivery and evaluation of a range of open access related activities. Under Iryna's management, EIFL-OA has many achievements, including the establishment of more than 1,100 open access repositories and more than 4,000 open access journals in EIFL partner countries, opening up a wealth of new knowledge and research to the world. The programme also supported the development of 135 open access policies in EIFL partner countries. (read more)
Public Library Innovation Programme Manager
Ramune Petuchovaite is the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) Manager for EIFL. Her responsibilities include the development, delivery and evaluation of a range of activities which support piloting innovative public library services that contribute to community development. Since 2012, Ramune has worked with over 30 projects in more than 20 developing and transition economy countries focused on crucial community development needs, such as farming, health, employment, education and social inclusion. She also helped to develop the framework for public librarians’ capacity building initiatives in Africa. (read more)
Licensing Programme Manager
Romy Beard is the Manager of the Licensing Programme for EIFL. Romy negotiates agreements with publishers to secure affordable access to e-resources and technology products, as well as waived and discounted Article Processing Charges for open access publishing. She works with library consortia to raise awareness about these agreements. Romy joined EIFL in 2014, bringing experience in academic online publishing that spanned nine years. Romy started her career in 2005 when she joined Oxford University Press as a Sales Representative in their Online Products department, liaising with libraries and library consortia across Europe. Romy moved to ebrary in 2008 as Regional Sales Manager for Europe where she worked with resellers and consortia in Europe, including EIFL. (read more)
Copyright and Libraries Programme Manager
Teresa Hackett is the Copyright and Libraries Programme Manager for EIFL. Since the launch of the programme in 2005, Teresa has successfully overseen the development and delivery of a unique, specialist service for libraries in developing and transition countries. Through her leadership, the creation of multi-lingual library copyright resources and the provision of bespoke technical assistance, Teresa has helped grow a dynamic network of specialist librarians, many of whom have achieved success in improving national copyright laws that are helping to maximize access to knowledge in the digital environment. Her commitment and strong advocacy skills have helped make EIFL a leading voice for copyright law at the international level. With extensive experience working with libraries on legal information issues and participating in negotiations at political institutions, Teresa is a frequent contributor at conferences and events around the world. (read more)
Public Library Innovation Programme Capacity Building Manager
Susan Schnuer is the Public Library Innovation Programme Capacity Building Manager for EIFL. Her responsibilities include working with library authorities in Africa on institutionalizing continuous professional development for public librarians. Before joining EIFL in 2018, Susan was the Associate Director at the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs, located at the University of Illinois. For more than 25 years Susan created and implemented high-quality professional development programmes for librarians world-wide. Susan received multiple grants that allowed her to focus on specific regional library needs. Working with local partners, she implemented successful and sustainable library projects in countries such as Costa Rica, Ghana, Haiti, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda. (read more)
Public Library Innovation Programme Impact Manager
Ugne Lipeikaite is the Impact Manager for EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (PLIP). Ugne oversees impact planning and evaluation for EIFL-PLIP. For the last several years, Ugne has built the impact evaluation framework and tools that are now being used by EIFL-PLIP grantees. She is also supporting the development of the librarians’ capacity building programme in Africa. Before joining EIFL in 2011, Ugne was responsible for impact planning and evaluation of a nation-wide project, ‘Libraries for Innovation’, a $36 million dollar project co-funded by the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The project helped almost 1,300 public libraries in Lithuania to develop public access to computer and internet services. (read more)