International Perspectives, Stuttgart Media University
EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme invited to give guest lecture at the 'International Perspectives' Seminar organized by Stuttgart Media University in Germany

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Event Date: 29 Apr 2021

The EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) has been invited to give a guest lecture to Information Science Students attending Stuttgart Media University's 'International Perspectives' seminar.  

The EIFL-PLIP guest lecture, titled ‘EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme: an international perspective on public library transformation’, consist of three parts to be presented by the EIFL-PLIP team: Introduction to EIFL-PLIP, by Manager Ramune Petuchovaite; EIFL-PLIP's Approach to Continuing Professional Development, by Capacity Building Manager Susan Schnuer, and EIFL-PLIP's approach to Community Needs Assessment and Impact Evaluation, by Impact Manager Ugne Lipeikaite.