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Modes of self-archiving
25 Jul 2022
The majority of publishers allow the author’s final version of the article, also called the Author’s Accepted Manuscript (AAM), to be deposited in (...)
30 May 2022 - 01 Jun 2022
Lorraine Estelle, EIFL Licensing Programme Manager, and 20 EIFL Licensing and Open Access Coordinators from our partner countries will participate (...)
07 Dec 2021 - 09 Dec 2021
Romy Beard, EIFL Licensing Programme Manager, with Curtis Brundy, Iowa State University, and Sara Rouhi, Public Library of Science (PLOS), have (...)
25 Nov 2021
The Working Group at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine will share the draft National Plan for Open Science at a panel discussion (...)
23 Nov 2021
In this webinar, the EIFL Licensing and Open Access programmes will present the outcomes of recent discussions with publishers on providing (...)
17 Nov 2021 - 18 Nov 2021
EIFL staff as well as EIFL Coordinators in our partner countries and will participate in the UKSG November Conference 2021, held under the banner (...)
15 Nov 2021 - 17 Nov 2021
The EIFL Licensing Programme team will participate in a virtual International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC ) meeting.    (...)