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Frequently Asked Questions - Open Access Programme FAQ's

The EIFL Open Access programme (EIFL-OA) advocates nationally and internationally for the adoption of OA policies and mandates. We help to launch OA repositories and OA journals, and to share research data and open educational resources.

Building capacity is another key focus. We educate researchers, students, research managers, librarians, publishers and policy-makers about the changing scholarly communication landscape.

The Open Access programme (EIFL-OA) works in EIFL partner countries. Library consortia from developing and transition economy countries can join EIFL and can become EIFL partner countries. We work with library consortia in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. See "Where we work" for information about EIFL partner consortium.

The EIFL partner consortia nominate OA Coordinators.  OA Coordinators form the backbone of the network, and are a focal point for national open access initiatives, as well as providing input into international fora. EIFL OA Coordinators identify national open access projects and local partners; provide feedback to the EIFL OA programme manager. The Open Access programme provides training in open access practices, strategies for advocacy and creating partnerships; an opportunity to participate in open access task forces on a regional and international basis; tools and resources to support the advocacy activities. See EIFL OA Coordinators for names and contact details.

For questions, please contact Open Access Programme Manager Iryna Kuchma: