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The EIFL approach to public library innovation - 900 libraries and counting Article 2019.
Professional development for young librarians matters! An Initiative for Young African Library Innovators - IYALI Article 2019.
IYALI 2018 - New Services and Community Outreach in African Public Libraries Poster 2018.
IYALI 2017 - New Services and Community Outreach in African Public Libraries Poster 2017.
How EIFL's partnership with Kenya National Library Service helped transform public libraries in Kenya Case Study, Brochure 2017.
IGF Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries presents policy options for expanding internet access Position paper & statement 2016.
EIFL poster showing how public libraries contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education Poster 2016.
Aims, work, outcomes and impact of the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) Presentation 2016.
Presentation on community needs assessment for public libraries Presentation 2016.
Paper about the importance of community needs assessment in designing a public library service Article 2016.
Examples of innovative public library services advancing community development in Europe Brochure 2016.
How mobile libraries in Ghana are helping children pass their computer exams Video 2016.
Public library's computer coding classes inspire young people to take up technology careers in Serbia Case Study 2016.
Croatian public library's 3D printing project for children and youth Case Study 2016.
How a public library in Latvia used a ‘social reading’ app to motivate teenagers to read Case Study 2015.