Capacity building of public librarians in Ethiopia

EIFL training to inspire creation of new public library services that meet community needs in Ethiopia

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Five librarians at a table working together.
Public librarians from Addis Ababa work in small groups during the EIFL training.

In 2015, EIFL entered into a partnership with the Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau to modernize the operations of 11 public libraries in Addis Ababa.

Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau agreed to purchase, install and maintain computer and internet connections at the 11 public libraries. EIFL, in return, agreed to train  22 public librarians from the 11 libraries to use the equipment, and to integrate it into new services that support young people’s technology skills and information needs. 

The Addis Ababa training is part of a major EIFL capacity building initiative for public librarians in Africa.


The curriculum includes four modules:

Module 1: Advanced information and communication technology (ICT) skills for public librarians.

Module 2: Internet searching and e-resources.

Module 3: Developing and managing new public library services, including community needs assessment, writing funding proposals, service design, new service implementation and impact assessment.

Module 4: Communications and advocacy for new services.

Gaps of at least a month between training sessions enable librarians to return to their libraries and practise newly-learnt skills in their daily work.


2015 - 2018

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Before I did not know that librarians could go to the community and solve particular problems, and create projects based on their problems and needs. Now I have more experience.
Addis Ababa librarian