EIFL in China

EIFL has been working in China since 2003. EIFL has been collaborating with the Library Network of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Through this partnership, we provided knowledge sharing and capacity building opportunities to libraries in China.

In China, EIFL has supported national open access awareness raising and advocacy workshops that have resulted in a number of open access repositories and open access journals in the country (which continue to grow). Through our work, the first open access research funder mandates in the country were adopted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) thereby opening their research output to the world.

We also provided a support service to librarians to raise awareness of library copyright issues, and to assist with copyright questions.

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Library Network of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Research libraries

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View the complete list of e-resources that have been negotiated for members of Library Network of the Chinese Academy of Science. For more information please contact the Licensing Coordinator in China.  



EIFL started working in China in 2003.


EIFL works with 129 institutions in China through the library consortium.


EIFL helped introduce open access in China, when we organized the first open access workshop in Beijing in 2003.



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