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Photo of India presenting its ratification papers to WIPO in June 2014 to ratify the Marrakesh Treaty in June 2014
23 Mar 2015
New translations in French and Russian of 'The Marrakesh Treaty: an EIFL Guide for Libraries' are now available online. The new translations will (...)
20 Mar 2015
Are you a student, researcher, librarian or policy maker planning any trainings on open access, open research data or open science? Check out the (...)
17 Mar 2015
Across Africa, public libraries are playing an increasingly important role in overcoming one of the continent’s greatest challenges – that is, (...)
16 Mar 2015
EIFL – in association with the University of Mandalay, the University of Yangon and Yadanabon University – ran a series of seminars in February on (...)
13 Mar 2015
Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) visited two libraries supported by the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) as part of (...)
12 Mar 2015
EIFL recently held a webinar showcasing the Directory of Open Access Books and the Directory of Open Access Journals, the two leading directories (...)
Children in the bank using a touch screen to learn about bank services
03 Mar 2015
Representatives of the World Bank have praised ‘Lyuben Karavelov’ Regional Library in Ruse (Bulgaria) for their innovative  ‘Fun financial (...)