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EIFL has been collaborating with the Georgian Integrated Library & Information System Consortium (GILISC) for over 10 years. Read about all activities in Georgia.

Mestia Public Library in Georgia is an EIFL-PLIP grantee. Learn more

Consortium information   

Consortium Georgian Integrated Library & Information System Consortium (GILISC)
Legal status Not legally registered as an independent organization
Management The Georgian Library Association acts as a legal body when necessary  
Type of members University libraries & universities, Public libraries, National libraries, Research institute libraries, NGO libraries
Members 44 (member list)
Main activities Collective access to e-resources, education and training to librarians and end-users, marketing of and advocacy for libraries, use of open source software, technical assistance to members 
EIFL-Licensed resources Commercial e-resources  available to members of GILISC through the EIFL-Licensing  programme.

EIFL coordinators

Country Irakli Garibashvili, igar [at]
EIFL-Licensing Tamar Khakhutashvili, tamunak [at]
Licensing Asst Marika Zhorzhiliani, bibliografia [at]
EIFL-FOSS Irakli Garibashvili, igar [at]
EIFL-IP Lela Nanuashvili, lela.nan [at]
EIFL-OA Rusudan Asatiani, ruska110 [at]


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