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Discover how research methods are used in real research projects from more than 1,700 cases

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Applied Sciences, Business & Management, Earth Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, Medicine & Health Sciences, Social Sciences
31 Dec 2021

SAGE Research Methods Cases (SRM-C) was launched in June 2014 to complement SAGE Research Methods (SRM). SAGE Research Methods Cases is a collection of hundreds of case studies of real social research, specially commissioned and designed to support teaching and learning in research methods. Methodological concepts can often appear rather abstract, particularly to students. By demonstrating how methods have been used in actual projects, the case studies complement theoretical understanding by exploring the difficulties, nuances and real-life decisions that researchers face.  

The cases have been carefully commissioned to match course content across the full range of social science disciplines and also to meet the needs of researchers internationally. Cases can be searched by method, discipline, or academic level. Learning objectives and discussion questions are also available for each case to support teaching and learning.

SAGE Research Methods Cases is available on the same platform as SAGE Research Methods. This means that the two products can be cross-searched simultaneously.  SAGE Research Methods Cases is available as an add-on to SAGE Research Methods and also as a standalone product.

SAGE Research Methods Cases focuses on methodology rather than disciplines so it supports students and researchers across a broad range of subject areas including Business & Management, Counseling, Criminology, Education, Geography, Health & Social Care, Media & Communication, Politics & International Relations, Psychology, and Sociology.

  • Modern new platform, designed to improve discoverability and optimized for mobile and table use
  • Search cases by methods used, discipline, or academic level
  • Each case contains learning objectives, exercises and questions, and keyword tagging
  • SAGE Research Methods Cases is available on the same platform as SAGE Research Methods (SRM). This means that cases are included in SRM searches, including the "Methods Map" visual search tool
  • Full-text cases can be downloaded and cited