EIFL-FOSS: free and open source software

Improving ICT infrastructure in libraries

There are significant barriers to the development of modern ICT infrastructure in many countries, including prohibitive licence fees,
inaccessible or outdated technology, and a lack of relevant IT skills for successful installation and maintenance.

Libraries in developing and transition countries require affordable, accessible, up-to-date software that can be adapted to meet local requirements. EIFL-FOSS 2011 Regional Seminar, Tanzania

We support free and open source software (FOSS) which enable libraries to maximize access to knowledge. Free and Open Source technologies potentially put a great deal of control into the hands of librarians - however not every librarian has technical knowledge and the people who make decisions about which technologies to implement can find it difficult to obtain the information they need to make such decisions. Our work helps to establish a knowledge base of FOSS tools in EIFL member countries and makes the case to decision makers for adopting FOSS tools.

EIFL-FOSS in action…

 Our Achievements

  • EIFL-FOSS country coordinators are champions for libraries in their countries and are the first line of support on FOSS-related questions for EIFL members. Every EIFL country now has a nominated FOSS Coordinator. See the list of EIFL FOSS Coordinators.
  • EIFL-FOSS promotes understanding of FOSS through case studies, briefing notes, and open discussion. View a variety of ongoing and previous case studies, the online showcase-and-discussion Themed Weeks, and other useful resources.
  • Through the EIFL Greenstone project a regional support network consisting of eight national centres in Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania and Zimbabwe has been established - see the African Digital Libraries Support Network page. We have also supported the development of a similar network in South Asia.

Contact us

EIFL-FOSS Programme Manager: Simon Ball, simon.ball [at] eifl.net

Please join the EIFL FOSS mailing list to learn and share. This is a discussion and announcement list, and anyone can join, from EIFL and non-EIFL countries.