Expanding access to commercial e-resources

Access to commercial e-resources is essential for quality research and education. But high subscription costs present a major barrier for libraries – and their users – in developing and transition countries.

EIFL Coordinators meet with publishers during “speed dating” sessions at the 2013 EIFL General Assembly

By negotiating with vendors on behalf of library consortia and libraries in partner countries, we achieve free or highly discounted access to a wide range of commercial e‑resources, plus fair terms of use.

Over 40 e-resources from more than 20 vendors are available through the EIFL-Licensing programme.

In 2013, we enabled our partner libraries to save an estimated US$183 million in subscription fees, and we achieved an average discount of over 98%.

We also manage special licensing-related projects such as the EIFL eLibrary Myanmar initiative.


 EIFL-Licensing in action…

  • Negotiating affordable access to commercial e-resources plus fair terms of use.
  • Achieving efficiency gains across the network (for example in terms of time and legal fees) through our central negotiations and licensing activity.
  • Working with partner library consortia to promote greater awareness, participation and usage of e-resources across the EIFL network through a wide range of initiatives.
  • Building local capacity in the licensing and management of e-resources.
  • Developing effective tools to support advocacy.

Our achievements

  • We have negotiated agreements with over 20 vendors for more than 40 e-resources.
  • Our portfolio of licensed resources covers a comprehensive range of subject areas and includes e-journal and e-book collections, and reference and bibliographic databases.
  • In 2013, we achieved average discounts of more than 98% and estimated savings of over US$183 million.
  • Participation in our agreements is increasing rapidly as a result of awareness-raising campaigns across the network.  The number of subscriptions increased by over 30% in 2013, and there were more than 3.7 million full text downloads from EIFL-licensed resources.

Contact us

EIFL-Licensing Programme Manager: Romy Beard, romy.beard [at] eifl.net