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31 Dec 2018

Oxford Reference offers access to over 125 core academic, subject, language and quotations dictionaries.  The content is updated monthly, and new titles and new editions are added three times each year. You can choose between the basic Oxford Quick Reference, and the more advanced Oxford Reference Premium Collection, which also has two add-on special collections.

Oxford Quick Reference includes 180+ academic subject, language, and quotations dictionaries providing carefully vetted, trusted short-entry content.

The Oxford Reference Premium Collection includes all the titles in the foundational Quick Reference plus a selection of more in-depth, single-volume works from Reference Library, many of them being Oxford Companions. Two add on collections are available for the Oxford Reference Premium Collection.

The Encyclopedia of Social Work is co-published by the National Association of Social Workers Press and Oxford University Press. It provides a consistently-updated resource for a lifetime of social service. With high-quality, scholarly articles that offer practical applications for social workers in the field, this foundational guide provides valuable insights for students, faculty, and practitioners at all levels of experience. New and revised articles are added to the collection each month, ensuring that users can access to the most up-to-date information available.

For nearly 70 years, scholars and students of the ancient world have relied on the Oxford Classical Dictionary as an invaluable reference work. As the OCD has grown in scope and length over successive editions, its comprehensive and virtually unparalleled coverage has begun to push the limits of print. 

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  • Oxford Quick Reference:  
    • A monthly updated program - led by Oxford’s experienced reference staff, external academic advisors, and based on user feedback - checks and revises articles for top levels of accuracy and timeliness
    • Regular content releases add new titles and editions
    • New exclusive, online-only dictionaries widen the coverage of areas of study and research
    • Best For: Checking a fact or finding key, trusted information on a person, concept, or term
  • The Oxford Reference Premium Collection
    • The best Oxford content for both quick fact-checking and deeper research
    • All 25 core subject areas represented across hundreds of titles
    • Includes all the continuous updating and exclusive online-only content provided by the Oxford Quick Reference collection, together with a critical selection of Oxford's more specialized titles.
  • Both products include: 
    • Overview pages: over 300,000 pages defining each unique term, together with clever onward navigation, all completely free and discoverable from the open web
    • Timelines: 270 free timelines organized by time period, area, and theme, with each event linked to a free entry in Oxford Quick Reference
    • Intuitive design and functionality: navigate to content quickly and easily with enhanced linking and Overview pages
    • Quick and advanced search: search, sort and filtering options to suit all levels of user
    • Annotation functionality: select text to highlight and annotate with your own notes
    • Customization: save research journeys, favourite titles, and entries
    • Share content: integrated tools include social bookmarking, email, and citation export
    • Discoverability: MARC 21 records (available at title level) and Open URL increase discoverability and usage of library resources. The Oxford Index Underbar also offers a free search and discovery service showing links to related content from all Oxford University Press online content
    • Illustrations: many illustrated entries and articles, including colour photographs, line diagrams, maps, flags, and tables
  • Oxford Classical Dictionary:
    • 6,300+ entries (including all entries from OCD4)
    • Featured multimedia content (images, audio, video) in various entries
    • 22 subfields
    • Featured maps of the ancient world
  • Encyclopedia of Social Work
    • 700+ articles edited with precision by a 13-member editorial board and Editor in Chief offering overviews of every facet of social work policy and practice
    • 200+ concise biographies of key figures in social work history
    • Article versioning: users see the most up-to-date entries and can visit the first published version by following an easy-to-locate link
    • Multimedia content including infographics and videos showing practitioners in the field, applying their research to practice.
    • Clearly displayed references and further reading suggestions at the bottom of each article linking users directly to the cited work (including videos and TED talks), facilitating a seamless research journey
    • Articles signed by the author that include an institutional affiliation or a short biography