EIFL partner publishers meet EIFL country coordinators at the EIFL General Assembly in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 2017.

In order to develop their knowledge and expertise and further their research, students and researchers at universities and academic institutions rely on getting access to up-to-date literature in their fields.  

The high cost of e-resources is a major barrier to access for libraries in developing and transition countries. As a result, important contributions to research, education and development are slowed down. 

To address this critical issue, the EIFL Licensing programme negotiates free or discounted access to commercial e-resources on behalf of library consortia and their member libraries in EIFL partner countries.

Thanks to the EIFL Licensing programme, NELIC members can get a wide range of commercial e-resources free of charge or at very reduced prices. In addition to fulfilling the needs of existing members, this helps us to attract new members and to build a sustainable consortium.

- Jagadish Aryal, Nepal Library and Information Consortium (NELIC)
Smiling students learning to use computers in University of Yangon.
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