Model Licences
Emanuella Giavarra, EIFL's legal consultant, delivers a webinar on how librarians can best use the EIFL model licences.

EIFL Model Licences are used as the starting point for our negotiations with publishers and vendors of licensed e-resources.

The EIFL Model Licences reflect the latest international best practice in the licensing of e-resources. They provide a consistent approach to the access and use of e-resources. Prepared by Emanuella Giavarra, EIFL's legal consultant and an expert in e-resource licensing, the licences form the basis of our negotiations.

The terms and conditions governing who can use an e-resource, and how, are similar in each of the Model Licences.

You can view our Model Licences here.

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For more details on our Model Licences, make sure to read the FAQs.