An EIFL publisher partner holds up a pamphlet about e-resources at the EIFL General Assembly
Publishers produce a variety of online resources: journals, e-books, databases and technology services.

Publishers play an important role in producing valuable scholarly information in a variety of formats for use around the world. 

By negotiating with publishers and aggregators on behalf of library consortia and libraries in partner countries, EIFL can provide free or highly discounted access, plus fair terms of use, to a wide range of commercial e‑resources for libraries in EIFL partner countries. 

The following high-quality publishers and aggregators make their content available through our Licensing Programme.


Step 1: Based on content requests and feedback from its partner library consortia, EIFL negotiates multi-year framework agreements with publishers and aggregators. Browse EIFL-licensed e-resources.

Step 2: EIFL signs contracts with each publisher to secure the prices negotiated for a specific resource, using the EIFL Model Licences as a base. View our model licences.

Step 3: EIFL promotes licensed resources to library consortia in EIFL partner countries.

Step 4: Library consortia interested in subscribing to a particular resource sign licensing agreements directly with the publisher.

Step 5: EIFL assists library consortia during the licensing process to ensure licences are completed properly and institutions have stable and static IP addresses.

Publishers and vendors with whom we have agreements are invited to attend the annual EIFL General Assembly (GA). This is a great opportunity for publishers to meet Licensing Coordinators in EIFL countries face-to-face during our famous speed-dating event. There are plenty of opportunities to network during social events. Learn more here.

If you’re interested in working with EIFL, please contact Romy Beard, EIFL’s Licensing Programme Manager at

With over 12 years of successful collaboration, SAGE is proud to continue its work with EIFL. Through EIFL, SAGE is able to provide free and discounted access to both our high-quality journal content and a range of our digital resources to libraries in over 30 EIFL partner countries. SAGE was founded with the mission to support the global dissemination and access to useable knowledge. We see clear synergies between our goals and those of EIFL as we work together to allow the widest access to quality content.

- Marcin Kwiatkowski, Associate Head of Sales, Northern, Central & Eastern Europe & Israel