EIFL-OA: open access

Removing barriers to knowledge sharing

Most research is published in commercial e-journals, but high subscription costs mean that users in developing and transition countries  are disadvantaged. 

Undergraduates in Egypt showing support for Open Access (photo by Mandy Taha) Open access is the immediate, online, free and unrestricted availability of peer-reviewed, research literature. It provides the means to maximize the visibility and use of research output.

We advocate for open access to promote knowledge sharing. 

EIFL-OA in action ... 

  • Building capacity to launch open access repositories and to ensure their long-term sustainability. Learn more about repositories
  • Offering training, supporting knowledge sharing, and providing expertise on open access policies and practices (open access journals, open access repositories, open access books, open data and open educational resources). See EIFL training events and presentations
  • Empowering librarians and library professionals, scholars, educators and students to become open access advocates. See OA advocacy
  • Advocating nationally and internationally for the adoption of open access policies and mandates. 

Our achievements

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EIFL-OA Programme Manager: Iryna Kuchma, iryna.kuchma[at]eifl.net

EIFL-OA Programme Coordinator: Gwen Franck, gwen.franck[at]eifl.net

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